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Binge Eating Disorder – Causes & Treatment

Binge Eating Disorder shares similarities with Bulimia.

The major difference is that the person binges and does not purge or make up for consumed food in other ways. This usually results in people who binge eat to become unhealthily overweight. Food ‘smothers’ their feelings, for a short time and is often followed by increased shame and disgust towards themselves for their lack of control. Some describe their illness as saying that they use food as a way to comfort or to escape underlying feelings.

Only recently, has Binge Eating Disorder been considered a separate Eating Disorder. This eating disorder is more common with adults, rather than children and young people.

Signs of Binge Eating

Eating a lot quicker than usual

Eating until uncomfortably full

Not hungry yet eating

Self-conscious eating in front of others

Eating alone due to embarrassment of the quantities consumed

Out of control feeling around food

Depression, guilt and shame after bingeing

Sufferer does not take part in purging or excessive exercise

Binge Eating – Long-Term Effects

High Cholesterol

High blood pressure



Heart disease

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