Admission Criteria for Outpatient Treatment

The individual must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 27
The individual must have no physical symptoms that require inpatient treatment, ie blood results extremely out of range, Early Warning Scores of >13, be deemed extremely high risk to themselves or others
The individual must be willing and in agreement to attend all arranged therapeutic sessions. As a service we do take into consideration that some clients may not engage to their full potential at commencement of treatment due to mental health illness, therefore some individuals may originally be placed on a lower level care package before progressing to a higher therapeutic intervention level. This is decided upon at assessment.
The individual may have a history of being high risk to themselves or others, however they must not currently be deemed high risk to others, including clinicians working alongside them.
Co-morbid factors may be present in individuals; however this must not be their primary diagnosis and must not deem them to be extremely high risk requiring inpatient treatment.
The individual may be engaging in the use of illicit drugs or alcohol; however, if this is currently present for individuals, they must be in agreement to work collaboratively with a specialist clinician or agency to address this issue.
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