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Weight Management Services – Private Patient Prices

Care Package

Services Price inc VAT £
Initial Assessment for Weight Management – 1 hour 95.00
MDT Meeting 150.00


Services Price inc VAT £
Art Therapy 80.00 per hour
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 100.00 per hour
Clinical Psychologist 120.00 per hour
Dietician Specialist 80.00 per hour
Drama Therapy 80.00 per hour
Family Therapy 80.00 per hour
Hypnotherapist 80.00 per hour
Nurse Specialist 80.00 per hour

Psycho Educational Groups

Services – provided over a 6 week period Price inc VAT £
Anxiety Management Group 295.00
Art Therapy Group 295.00
Body Image for Weight Management 295.00
Compassionate Mind 295.00
Motivational Enhancement 295.00
Mindfulness Group 295.00
Nutritional Management Group 295.00
Self Esteem Group 295.00
Supportive Cookery 372.00

Alternative Therapy

Services Price inc VAT £
Nutritionist 80.00 per hour
Swedish Massage (3 sessions) 40.00 per session
Aromatherapy Massage (3 sessions) 35.00 per session
Physiotherapy 40.00 per hour
Reflexology 40.00 per hour
Specialist Pilates (Group) 7.00 per hour

Self Help Support

Services Price inc VAT £
Befriending Meeting (2 Hours) 25.00 per session
Specialist Pilates (Group) Membership 10.00 per year

Weight Management

Services Price inc VAT £
Personal Trainer 45.00 per hour
Nordic Walking 5.00 per session