At Breathe we are here to listen, support and help you overcome the difficulties you may be facing. You are not alone!

Our Team

We have a range of experienced and qualified staff including the following roles:

RMN Clinical Director
Cookery/Occupational Therapist
Clinical Psychologist
RMN/CBT Therapist
CAT Therapist
Hypnotherapy/NLP Psychotherapist
Family Therapist
Somatic Dance Practitioner
Art Therapist
Holistic Therapist

In addition, we also have a team of volunteers and students e.g. Psychology/counselling/nursing who compliment our experienced team of clinicians.

Graham Foster

Dietitian & Nutrition Educator

Graham qualified as a dietitian in 1998 and has predominantly worked in the NHS across the North West. He specialised in weight management in 2001 and has developed expertise in delivering individual and group sessions. In addition to leading first class clinical services, Graham regularly lectures on weight management and bariatric surgery on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at regional Universities.

He provides nutrition education that is tailored around the individuals thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with eating and drinking. In the initial stages, this often takes to form of agreeing and monitoring meal plans that meet specific nutritional requirements. In the latter stages of treatment, clients are supported in moving away from a rigid schedule as they develop a stronger reliance on their own hunger and move toward mindful eating.

Sheila Morrell

Clinical Hypnotherapist and N.L.P. Practitioner

Sheila Morrell (BSc. Psych.) is a CNHC and GHSC registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and N.L.P. Practitioner.
Sheila’s background is in Behavioural Management and Education Development both in the UK and in France, Hong Kong and Central America.

Working with Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming as a blended therapy and as a part of a multi-disciplinary team, Sheila seeks to guide individuals to recognise, reflect on and to reorganise unhelpful belief systems and thought patterns in order to enable a wider range of possibilities for self-exploration and positive change.

Shelley Perry

Clinical Director & Founder

Shelley is a multi-award winning nurse social entrepreneur with a vision for providing eating disorder and weight management and mental health interventions that work.

Following the completion of her mental health nurse training at St Martins University, Shelley continued further specialist training and enjoyed a number of roles within different areas of mental health including acute, high dependency, psychiatric intensive care units, eating disorder in patient unit and daycare as a nurse therapist for 14 years before setting up Breathe in 2009.

Shelley is experienced in working for and with the NHS, private sector and third sector. She was inspired by her experience and training in these areas, her faith and her own recovery from an eating disorder (prior to her nurse training) to set up a service that was community based, providing early intervention through to acute care and treatment for severe and enduring eating disorders.

And for the last 6 years Shelley has been Clinical Director at Breathe.

She is a professional member of RCN, NCFED, ABC, Beat, Sedig, Preston Community Network, Health and Wellbeing Commitee.

And Shelley is also a mum, a Christian and passionate about most things she does or doesn’t do!