At Breathe we are here to listen, support and help you overcome the difficulties you may be facing. You are not alone!

Stepped Care Approach

Breathe Therapies is proud to present our stepped care approach, based on the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and Kings College London Guidelines.

We work collaboratively with GP’s and our sister organisation Support and Education for Eating Disorders, for adults experiencing eating distress and requiring outpatient treatment.Breathe’s service is in line with CQC regulations and is currently working towards accreditation for the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention programme.

Within these standards, we aim to provide efficient and cost effective services, providing best care for our clients and our standard of treatment being evidenced by continually updated outcomes.

Breathe offers a stepped care approach using 5 levels of treatment package, ranging from intense complex needs, through to aftercare and recovery maintenance.

The transition through the different levels of treatment is determined by a collaboratively working clinical team regularly undertaking risk assessments, based on the client’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Multi Disciplinary Team meetings are held regularly with a team of clinical practitioners, specialised in eating disorders and associated mental health, to discuss and review the client’s progress and individual needs.

Working with the belief and experience that full recovery is possible, our team provide specialist eating disorder help by aiming to promote empowerment, independence and improved quality of life for each individual.

Breathe’s recovery focused way of working, is a benefit to NHS providers and commissioners, as Breathe’s outcomes evidence a reduced impact on inpatient and community services and therefore reduce costs for local government.

The close collaborative working within our clinical team and appropriate clinicians such as the clients GP, ensures that the transition through the different levels of care and through to discharge is carried out smoothly and effectively, being transparent throughout to the client and all agencies involved.

This collaborative working, whether it be only with the client or with family and carers too, is encouraged throughout treatment at Breathe Eating Disorder Service as we believe this is paramount for an individual’s journey to recovery and empowerment.