At Breathe we are here to listen, support and help you overcome the difficulties you may be facing. You are not alone!

Psychological Therapies and Psychologists In Preston

Breathe believes that all individuals have a plan and purpose for their lives and that with encouragement and support they can be released to find it and enjoy it!

Breathe provides help and the skills to change for depression, anxiety, stress and anger, abuse/trauma management issues on a one to one and/or group basis.

Breathe can offer group work and seminars to relevant organisations e.g. occupational health departments.

Breathe employs the kind of psychologists Preston clients deserve with specialist knowledge and experience in the treatment of mental health and offer a range of treatment approaches to address client needs through the therapy approaches shown below. Our experienced mental health team can help with:

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Therapy Approaches

Person Centred Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive Analytical Therapy
Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Clinical Psychology
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy


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Personal Issues

Eating Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder
Relationship Difficulties


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Group Programmes

Body Image Work

Body image therapy encourages you to explore your feelings and attitudes towards your body in a safe environment.

Identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs about your body

Improve your body image and improve your self esteem, learn to accept you

Compassionate Mind

Sessions with the psychologists Preston respect, aim to give you a great understanding of how having a compassionate mind towards yourself can empower you to make changes whilst learning to self soothe in a healthy way and to understand the effects of hormones and neurotransmitters on the brain and how this affects your mood and behaviour.

What does having a compassionate mind mean?

Creating positive feelings in the minds of others and yourself

Compassion and imagery technique are used to enhance thinking, emotions and behaviours

Learn new skills of Mindfulness and compassion resulting in self acceptance and increased self awareness

Anxiety Management

Sessions aim to give you a greater understanding of anxiety and the physiological emotional and cognitive effects and how to manage them effectively.

Learn about the nature and origin of stress and anxiety

Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of your personal reaction to stress and anxiety

Understand how to effectively deal with stress and anxiety

Recognise your personal belief systems, thoughts and reactions and learn how to change them

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

The sessions will help you understand the function of your eating disorder and work on your personal motivation to change unhelpful behaviours. And all conveniently located in Preston.

Explore and resolve any ambivalence you may have about change and recovery

Change patterns of behaviour that have become habitual and unhelpful

Munch Bunch

These sessions will involve supported eating with others.

An opportunity to eat alongside others in a safe and therapeutic environment with your support as you gain confidence to challenge your relationship with food

To encourage an open discussion around any fears about eating and learn new coping mechanisms

Agree goals and observe how to make them achievable

Aims to lessen anxiety around food and eating

Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Art Therapy

These sessions will involve supported eating with others. Enables growth and change through the use of art in a safe and facilitating environment facilitated by the really professional psychologists Preston residents have come to respect.

A creative way to communicate and express your ‘self’ and can be particularly useful for those who find it difficult to express thoughts and feelings through talking therapy

Aims to lessen anxiety around food and eating

All art supplies are provided

Raising Self Esteem

These sessions aim to empower and develop your sense of self worth.

Understand how self-esteem develops?

Challenge negative self-evaluations

Combat self-criticism and unhelpful rules for living

Improve your self esteem and learn to accept and enjoy who you are

Supported Cookery

Empowering you to create a nourishing future. A practical course for individuals with a difficultly around food/ eating distress who wish to learn more about preparing simple meals in a safe and therapeutic environment. All ingredients for recipes are provided. Meals can be gluten, yeast, lactose and wheat free. Please advise when booking if you have any additional special dietary requirements.

Learn new recipes and develop skills in cooking and handling food

Prepare food with support and learn about food hygiene

Gain confidence in deal with food and increase motivation around nutritional / dietary needs and change

Discuss meal planning and set personal goals for change

Nutritional Management

The nutritional management course offers an interactive and informed learning opportunity in understanding the needs of our body and how it works.

Learn about meal planning, hunger, metabolic rate, portion sizes, the importance of vitamins and minerals and the effects of starvation and other behaviours on our bodies

There will be an opportunity for discussion and the use of food diaries is encourages which aims to identify and change negative patterns of behaviour

Create a more balanced and informed relationship with both ourselves and food


Understand how mindfulness can help to assist your recovery and enhance your well-being.

Mindfulness refers to the ability to increase your awareness and therefore your response to situations, rather than by going into ‘autopilot’

Become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations that may be triggered by life events or unhelpful belief systems

Open up the possibility of responding to challenges in a new and more helpful way

Involves the use of meditation and relaxation

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