At Breathe we are here to listen, support and help you overcome the difficulties you may be facing. You are not alone!

Jen’s Story

Shelley Perry, founder of Breathe Therapies and S.E.E.D is one of the most outstanding and inspirational women in business that you are ever likely to meet.

I first met Shelley a year ago, in desperation, after five years of caring for my daughter, Jen, who was suffering from anorexia and bulimia. We had been unable to access appropriate care from the N.H.S. (Mental Health Service.)

bulimia-help-north-westBreathe Therapies was different, offering immediate help. As soon as my daughter and I met Shelley, we knew we were in the right place. Jen simply remarked, ‘Shelley gets me Mum’ and we were both confident for the first time, that recovery was possible. Shelley has such a captivating ‘aura’ that made us both feel at ease and we felt ‘hopeful’ for the first time.

Shelley, founded the business following her own battle and full recovery from an eating disorder. She is able to draw on that personal experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge, training, skills and expertise. It is the personal experience that helped Jen feel connected because Shelley truly understands what she’s going through. Shelley has walked the walk.

Following an initial assessment, Shelley devised a tailor made package of care to meet Jen’s needs. Each clients package is different. Jen has benefitted from a number of therapies and treatments. It’s not just Jen, though, who has received help. Breathe Therapies offers 1:1 parental/sibling/ carer support sessions. I, personally, have been helped enormously by these sessions, which help me understand more about the illness and how I can best help Jen. It’s also a great emotional support for me and helps me stay mentally strong and healthy most of the time.

The whole team of professionals and volunteers are a fantastic bunch of people, who care passionately about their clients and families.

So, this year at Breathe Therapies has been tough for Jen and our family, recovery isn’t easy, but it’s also been the most amazing journey. Rewind to this time 12 months ago, Jen was severely clinically depressed, she didn’t have a job, she didn’t know what career path to follow, she didn’t have a boyfriend, she didn’t socialise and she was in the grip of her eating disorder, fearing she would never get better.

A year on and Jen is well on the way to recovery, she is confident, happier, has reconnected with her friends, has completed her first year at university with flying colours and has chosen a fulfilling career path. She has a lovely supportive boyfriend and a bright future to look forward to. All thanks to Shelley and her amazing team.

In short, Shelley and Breathe Therapies has given Jen back to her family. Shelley is not driven by money: Breathe Therapies is a non-profit making business. She is driven by passion, by her Christian faith and a desire to help as many people as possible in the community who are suffering from these awful illnesses. I will never be able to thank Shelley and the team enough for saving my daughters life, so I would dearly love to help them win this award. They deserve it so much.

Thank you for you time,

Most sincerely,

Janet Smith – Mum and carer