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Eating disorders need to be treated as early as possible.  In some cases they can be life threatening and it has been shown that

“Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders!”

Susan Ringwood  – Chief Executive of B-eat.


Specialist Eating Disorder Service

Breathe offers a specialist Eating Disorder service providing a research based, needs-led, therapeutic treatment approach for all types of eating distress and obesity management. This includes treatment for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-Eating Disorder, EDNOS, Compulsive Eating, and failed dieting.

Breathe has a multi-disciplinary approach and has a multi-disciplinary team of Clinical Psychologist, qualified nurses, psychotherapists, counsellors and dieticians. Practitioners work alongside GPs, Practice Nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, Social Workers, CMHT and any other services relevant to the individuals’ treatment needs.

The family, where appropriate, are invited and involved in the eating disorder help treatment process from the outset and family sessions are offered.

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In A Nut Shell – Why Breathe Are Different!

This highlights Breathe’s belief of every individual having the right to life and enjoyment.

Breathe offers person centred specialist treatment utilising a skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team of mental health and wellbeing practitioners

Breathe has the experience and expertise of ex-sufferers on their clinical team

Breathe’s recovery focused way of working, is a benefit to NHS providers and commissioners, as Breathe’s outcomes evidence a reduced impact on
inpatient and community services and therefore reduce costs for local government

Breathe offers Added Value through its sister charity S.E.E.D, further reducing cost and impact on GPs

Breathe offers value for money services

Breathe’s treatment approach follows the Nice Guidelines for eating disorder treatment

No long waiting lists

Assessments can be offered within a week of referral. Treatment commenced within one further week

Breathe promotes recovery and early intervention, positively affecting the client prognosis

Breathe offers a management service to GPs with the aim of reducing impact of eating disorders on GP and other services, reducing costs to local authorities and commissioners

Breathe offers regular client updates to GP’s and commissioners and communication of client needs throughout their treatment

Breathe works collaboratively with other professionals ensuring a smooth service user experience in transition of services and throughout treatment where other disciplines are involved in client care

Breathe addresses the targets of Health of The Nation around mental health, healthy weight and wellbeing

Breathe addresses the health targets and Vision of Lancashire County Council

Breathe addresses the Indicators in the NHS Outcomes Framework five domains of health and wellbeing targets of the NHS








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Please follow the links below to visit the topic you are interested in:

Eating Disorders | Weight Management | Psychological Therapies | Wellbeing

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